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Fruition Chocolate Works, an international award-winning chocolate brand, came to us facing a challenge with their digital presence. Despite recognizing the importance of social media and marketing, Fruition was limited in dedicating time and resources due to the demands of running the business. They faced difficulties in developing an effective social media strategy that aligned with their business objectives and creating consistent content to execute it. Their primary objective was to increase brand awareness and website traffic while generating more content and incorporating key elements such as product photos, Reels, and community management. However, they lacked the internal resources and expertise to execute this effectively. Fruition sought us out to create a custom solution that included social media strategy, platform management, content creation, and community engagement.


To address Fruition's challenges, we partnered with them to develop a tailored social media strategy that aligned with their business goals. We provided a comprehensive social media management package, including strategic planning, platform management, content creation, and community engagement. Through an in-depth analysis of their target audience, brand identity, and business objectives, we crafted a customized social media strategy that ensured consistent and engaging content across all channels. We produce high-quality content, including styled product photos, on-brand and engaging Reels, and educational posts, to capture the attention of their target audience. We actively engage with Fruition's online community and foster a sense of connection with their customers and both their local and worldwide wholesale retailers.

Fruition Chocolate Works Social Media Management

in the first 3 months we saw...

189% Increase in Link Clicks • 10% Audience Growth • 234% Increased Engagement • 670% Increase in Reach 

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