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Facebook Whistleblower?: Frances Haugen and Facebook's Internal Research.

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

"For years, Facebook has misled investors and advertisers about shrinking user base in important demographics, declining content production, and the true number of recipients of "Reach & Frequency" advertising." -Frances Haugen

The big talk over the last few months has to do with the networking company Facebook and its Whistleblower. If you haven't heard yet, you're bound to within the next few weeks. The Facebook Files is a podcast series by The Wall Street Journal, which began earlier last month, with the first episode airing on September 13th. In this podcast series, they dive into Frances Haugen’s claims.

Frances Haugen appeared on 60 Minutes, coming forward about Facebook's internal research because the tech giant was "hiding information" about their harms from public view. Haugen first came forward to The Wall Street Journal with gathered documents that "brought attention to the platform's flaws that cause harm." She accused Facebook of misleading advertisers about its "shrinking user base," "declining content production," and figures about reach and frequency. She appeared before a Senate panel looking to toughen the law protecting children online. She states that "the company [Facebook] seemed unwilling to accept initiatives to improve safety if that would make it harder to attract and engage users."

A Facebook post by Mark Zuckerberg says "many of the claims don't make any sense" and "The argument that we deliberately push content that makes people angry for profit is deeply illogical. We make money from ads, and advertisers consistently tell us they don't want their ads next to harmful or angry content..."

**Information sourced from The Marketing Brew & The Wall Street Journal**

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