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Conquering Imposter Syndrome: Thriving as a Confident Business Owner

Updated: Oct 12

We're sure you've heard of the term by now, "Imposter Syndrome" (we prefer imposter phenomenon or impostorism). It is the belief, mindset, or feeling around doubting your abilities and feeling like you're more or less a fraud, and nothing, not the hours of study, the effort, or the commitment you have put into what you do, changes it.

For example, you've been in the Real Estate business for the last five years, and you know that you have all the skills and capabilities to grow your name and get your dream clients, but every time you're pitching to a client, you're overwhelmed with self-doubt. Even though you have everything - and more - that the client is looking for, you feel like you don't know anything and everything you presented about yourself is a lie.

Imposter Syndrome affects high-achieving people, who find it difficult to accept their accomplishments, and they may question whether they're deserving of recognition. Imposter Syndrome can stop you from living life, running your business the way you want to, and it can even destroy your personal and professional relationships.

Another example is someone who has started a small business and is doing well. They are getting sales, and so many people are applauding them for their work. Imposter Syndrome has made it hard to accept these good graces or even make them feel worse because they now see so many people are watching them and eventually will see them fail when it becomes apparent that they don't know what they're doing.

Have you ever felt Imposter Syndrome?

Here are some of the best tips for working through your Imposter Syndrome:

Knowing the signs-

The first step to conquering your Imposter Syndrome is knowing the signs. Do you feel like you just "got lucky" in all of your accomplishments, is it hard for you to accept praise, do you feel like nothing you're working on is "perfect enough," do you question your thoughts and ideas?

Separate feelings from facts-

Recognize that just because you think these things don't mean they are true.

Take note of your accomplishments-

Make a list of everything you have accomplished thus far, from the tiniest to the most significant accomplishment, and then describe how you did them and how your hard work, knowledge, and dedication allowed you to accomplish them all - no luck.

Daily Affirmations-

Wake up and journal, make notes on a post-it, stand in front of the mirror - and make a note of everything you can do, all of what you have done, and all of your dreams. Tell those thoughts of failure to go away.

Stop comparing-

This is so much easier said than done, especially since we live through a pandemic where we see people online more than in real life. Stop comparing yourself to anyone, especially someone you only see online. Social Media is a highlight reel, so of course, everyone will try and present their best work, but that does not mean that they don't have lows, mistakes, and struggles too!

Talk to others-

Understand that this is not something you're battling alone. More often than not, everyone has felt even the slightest bit of imposter syndrome. Talk with friends, coworkers, siblings, and professionals about how you're feeling. Develop a mindset and work with others to push those thoughts away and replace them with inspiring, motivating, and uplifting ideas about everything you know and can do!

Imposter Syndrome affects so many people, and the worst part is that many don't realize this is what they are suffering with and instead continue to go each day believing that they are an imposter, a fraud.

Keep an eye out for your friends, family, and coworkers. Spread the word about Imposter Syndrome. Don't stop working and doing your thing; you have what it takes and are more than capable of doing it all! None of your accomplishments or achievements have come by luck, and you've earned them.

It's understandable to feel significant imposter syndrome from time to time, especially in a world where we constantly see everyone's "highlight" reel on social media. If you are ever interested in any social media management and social media business coaching - reach out to me! Sometimes it just takes someone to show you how much potential you have and how much you already know! Learn more about my coaching here.

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