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Social Media and Digital Marketing Buzz Words Everyone in Business Should Know

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

We were recently working with a client and explaining to them how influencer marketing is something we should look into for their brand. As soon the term "influencer marketing" was said, it was obvious they were trying hard to remember that term.

Let's face it, in the marketing industry, so many "Buzz Words" or terms get used every day, and unless you're in full swing into the industry, you may often find yourself searching on Google.

So I figured, let's start breaking down these buzz words weekly! 👇

3 Buzz Words in the Marketing World

Is a method where you pay an online personality to promote your brand and products. Brands have used Influencer Marketing for years; it is only now predominately used online. Think back to Britney Spears on the "Got Milk?" campaign in 2000, Michael Jordan on the Wheaties box in 1988, or even Ronald Reagan on a Chesterfield cigarettes ad in the 50s. Using influential people to promote something is not a new concept!

Mobile Optimization -

Makes a website responsive to detect the user's device and adjusts itself accordingly. Mobile optimization is necessary since nearly everyone has access to the internet through devices other than a standard computer, i.e., iPhones and Androids, tablets, and even smartwatches. Your website doesn't look the same on a desktop computer as on a smartphone or tablet. The screen dimensions are entirely different on every device, making it hard to view a desktop version of a website on the phone; except for some touch screen computers, most people cannot tap their desktop screen with their fingers.

This is the visual element of your brand. It includes your logo, color palettes, copy voice or style, etc. It encompasses things that influence the public's perception or brand association. Brand Association (bonus buzzword) is what people think of or sometimes feel when they think of your brand. The high brand association leads to higher brand quality. What comes to the mind of consumers when they think of your business? Having a high or positive brand association leads to higher perceived quality. When you think of Cartier, you instantly think of luxury, expensive, high-end products. Cartier's brand association is positive and high, causing its perceived quality to be high.

What marketing buzzwords do you hear every day? Contact us to get answers to all of your marketing questions!

Here at Unless Media, we'll help you create a thriving social media presence and use the power of the internet, social media, and SEO to take your digital presence and brand awareness to the next level.

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