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Why Consistency Matters on Social Media Plus 25 December Content Ideas for Local Businesses!

Hold onto your jingle bells, local business owners! December isn't just about peppermint mochas and Christmas rom-coms. It's about connection (in person and online). So, don't wait for the new year to start being consistent on social media. Start this holiday season and build a COMMUNITY around your business before 2024!

We know, we know. Consistency can feel like a four-letter word during the holiday hustle. But hear us out: A sprinkle of social strategy can now snowball into a loyal customer avalanche come January.

Why Consistency Matters on Social Media

Here's why:

1. It's All About Connection, Baby: People crave authenticity. They want to see the faces behind the brand and the stories behind the products. Consistent social media gives you a platform to do just that. Share your holiday traditions, team adventures, and behind-the-scenes moments. Let your personality sparkle, and watch those connections form!

2. The Algorithm Elves Are Watching: Remember those naughty-or-nice lists? Social media algorithms have their own version. They reward consistent engagement with precious reach and visibility. The more you post, the more likely your ideal customers will see you, the more likely they'll fall in love with your brand.

3. FOMO is Real (and Festive): December is a whirlwind of events, sales, and special offers. If you're not consistently reminding people why they should choose you, someone else will. Keep your social media buzzing with festive promotions, exclusive deals, and exciting updates. Give your followers a reason to keep checking back for more!

4. Community is the Ultimate Gift: Building a community around your business isn't just about boosting sales, it's about creating something special. Consistent social media gives you a space to nurture that community. Respond to comments, answer questions, host live Q&As, and share customer stories. Let your followers know you care, and they'll care right back.

Taylor Dederick of Unless Media in Saugerties New York

Now let's dive into TWENTY-FIVE (25) content ideas for local business owners this holiday season-

1. Put together a holiday gift guide with your products or services.

2. Share any shipping deadlines for holiday delivery or service deadlines before the holiday break!

3. DITL as you decorate your location or prepare for special events.

4. Offer a bonus item with a minimum purchase amount ("...on us this holiday season!")

5. Share promo codes on products or services with your followers for extra savings (make it a fun, exclusive code "only for our social media followers").

6. Celebrate a business milestone or anniversary.

7. Highlight any unique processes in designing, packaging, etc., for your product or service.

8. Partner with local creators to promote your products or services.

9. Talk about your favorite holiday traditions and ask your followers to share theirs!

10. Host or collaborate on a virtual (or in-person) viewing party of your favorite holiday movies.

11. Collaborate with local businesses on giveaways.

12. Share customer testimonials to show the value of your products or services.

13. Share local volunteering options where followers can give back to the community.

14. Introduce your team members and share their stories.

15. Make a post expressing gratitude for your customers.

16. Share your favorite local light displays (even make it into a fun competition with local businesses.)

17. Compile a list of local holiday events.

18. Show a "day in the life" of different team members.

19. Share gift-giving tips using your products or services.

20. Share what music you and your team are listening to this holiday season.

21. Show off your seasonal offerings of products or services.

22. Create a "Meet the Locals" series featuring employees or customers.

23. Share your WHY as a business owner.

24. Reflect on 2023 in business and thank your customers for their support.

25. Share a sneak peek of your new products or services coming in 2024.

We hope you find value in these 25 content ideas for local businesses!

Ready to jingle all the way to social success? Unless Media is here to help! We're ready to be the elves in your workshop, crafting a festive social media strategy that brings your brand and your community to life. Let's deck the digital halls with joy this December! ‍ (we really filled this one with the holiday puns... hope you enjoyed!)

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