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Instagram management and content creation 

Tim Colson of Tri-State Legacy Group
Tim Colson's Tips for Budgeting
The Best Time To Get Life Insurance by Tim Colson
Learn about investing with Tim Colson
Hudson Valley New York Business Owner Tim Colson
Life Insurance agenct Tim Colson in The Hudson Valley
Tim Colson a Hudson Valley Business Owner
The Real Finance Dad on Instagram
Tim Colson explaining Life Insurance Awareness Month


Unless Media proposed to Tim a full social media management plan that enabled him to overcome his problem of inconsistent posting and need for content creation, we worked closely with Tim to develop a customized social media strategy that aligned with his goals and target audience, as well as provided him with high-quality branding images and filmed and edited Reels. Through our monthly management of his social media accounts and our expert guidance through marketing consultation, we worked with Tim to build his personal brand, @therealfinancedad, on Instagram.


Tim Colson, known on Instagram as @therealfinancedad, is a Hudson Valley-based financial advisor and the founder of Tri-State Legacy Group. Seeking to bolster his personal brand as a financial advisor on Instagram, Tim recognized the significance of social media and marketing but found himself constrained by time and resource limitations, primarily due to the demands of running both his businesses. His primary objective was to increase content creation and posting cadence, focusing on Reels and carousel posts while simultaneously boosting engagement through Instagram story posting and daily community management. Tim Colson was in search of an all-encompassing solution that would provide social media management, content creation, and expert guidance to craft a successful social media strategy tailored to his brand's growth in both the financial niche on Instagram and The Hudson Valley.

Tim Colson's Instagram

in the first month we saw...

80% Increase in Link Clicks • 12% Audience Growth • 39.6% Engagement Increase • 243% Increase in Reach 

"If you’re looking to organically grow your brand, then working with Taylor & Unless Media is a must. I was extremely impressed with the amount of research & planning that Taylor has put in to creating a sound marketing strategy for my brand. She is very communicative throughout the process which is great & laid out expectations clearly. Also, very impressed with the video recording process, editing & output as I’ve received a lot of compliments from people on the content that was delivered via Instagram. As a local business owner, I truly feel that Taylor & Unless Media care as much about my brand’s success as I do & I’m thankful for the effort that her & her team have put into the marketing of my brand."

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